About Ziad

Ziad Jasani, the co-founder and Head Swing Trader at the Independent Investor Institute, has recently joined the Become A Better Trader Team to bring Traders around the world his unique style and approach to markets. Each day in markets, Ziad stewards a large online Community of active and affluent traders. His focus remains steadfast on empowering Active Traders to do better through education and discipline. He teaches the fundamentals of Active Investing and Active Trading, utilizing a Swing-Trading Methodology underpinned by GlobalMacro & Fundamental Analytics, combined with deep Technical Analytics to develop and execute winning Trading Plans. Mr. Jasani has studied and trained with 32x World Champion Trader Rob Hoffman, top Portfolio Managers and Analysts like Larry Berman (Bloomberg ) and brings over 20 years of small business experience and senior corporate management leadership to his trading. Ziad strives to spot opportunities, identify risks and most importantly, help short-term traders alongside longer-term portfolio managers outperform markets. His High-Probability Swing-Trading approach combined with commonsense has helped over 50,000 investors on their journey to success. His Live-Online-Community produces profitable insights day-in-and-day-out